We fully realize that our survival is dependent upon your well-being. Our team of professionals is fully trained and well equipped for all possible situations. We make no compromise on the quality of the technical equipment we use, we make sure that all the gear is tested and certified according to international safety standards. Pakistan is ideal for all kinds of outdoor adventure activities.


■ Nature study camps ■ Downhill ski and courses (basic) ■ Camping and trekking expeditions ■ Intensive wilderness (backpacking) expeditions ■ Rock climbing clinics ■ River rafting courses ■ White water kayaking ■ Para-gliding courses


■ Rapelling Et Abseiling ■ Para-Sailing ■ Zip-Line ■ Tyrolean Traverse (Gorge/Ravine Crossing) ■ Stream Crossing ■ Team Building Exercises


  • KUNHAR RIVER RAFTING: Kunhar River which is the lifeline of Kaghan Valley It is an excellent river for white water rafting. Some sections of river between Sohj and Naran are relatively of easy grade and are an ideal for tourists visiting Kaghan Valley during summer season.
  • RAFTING IN BALAKOT / GHARI HABIBULLAH: During autumn and spring season offers short & long during training and recreational rafting activities for individuals, students and corporate personals. River between Balakot to Ghari habibullah is recommended for those who are interested in learning and exploration Kunhar River. It is almost 24km / 3 hrs ride from Balakot to Ghari Habibullah.
  • NEELUM RIVER RAFTING: Our Company offers a numbers of wonderful events of white water rafting in Neelum River and Jhelum River during the year (Sep. to Mar.).
  • RAFTING IN NOSHEHRA: Our water rafting tours in River Kabul, from Jahangira to Attock Bridge is safe, fun and a breathtaking experience that can be enjoyed by everyone especially family members .River Kabul is also an ideal for beginners.



  • You will book your trip in advance on a contract form and reached at your pre-decided strip starting point. After you reach the put-in point, a safety drill takes place along with the inflating of the rafts and organizing other rafting equipment by the river crew, this includes measures to be taken in case of emergency and basics of paddling skills. The participants should listen to the river guide very carefully as rafting requires a well-coordinated team work between paddlers and the river guide.
  • The life jacket and protective helmet, tennis shoes for protection of feet, must be worn all the times while on the river. It is usual for you to get wet within time you are rafting so do come prepared with extra dry clothing.
  • Each raft in controlled by a highly trained river guide who teaches the correct techniques during the tour. These trained professionals make sure your white water rafting experience is safe and fun. Guides are trained in white water rafting rescue, first aid on water and are wilderness expert.



  • Rafting is an exciting aquatic adventure that can be enjoyed by individuals of all skill levels with proper guiding and instructions.
  • We use specialized rubber rafts that are very sturdy and flexible. These rafts can accommodate a wide range of people, depending on need and build, although eight to ten individuals are a standard number.
  • All the rafters have paddles, which are used to guide and propel the raft through the water. With a trained guide, it is possible to have a raft with only one or two experienced people and a crew of novices, depending on the difficulty of the waters being rafted.
  • White water rafting is great fun and fantastic way to get in touch with the outdoors.


  • Promote white rafting/kayaking or canoeing as an adventure sport in Pakistan by organizing Rafting tours & rafting training events in various rivers of Pakistan.
  • River rafting or kayaking is also extremely environment friendly, considering that tourists not depleting natural resources in any form when tourist engage in this activity.
  • By experience firsthand the beauty of river tourist who would otherwise be indifferent to environmental issue may gain a strong desire to protect and preserve that area because of their positive outdoor experience of rafting.


  • [Training Porgrammes 2-3 Days]
  • NARAN RAFTING: [Joy Ride] Very easy ride of 2Km, age recommended 10 years+ [Adventure Ride] (Easy to Moderate grade, Ride of 8Km, age recommended 13 years+)
  • BALAKOT (Ghari Habib Ullah) RAFTING:  [Joy Ride ] Very easy ride of 5Km, age recommended 13 years+) [ Adventure Ride ] Moderate grade. Ride of 25Km, age recommended 16 years+)
  • NOSHERA (Kabul River): Very easy ride of 10Km, age recommended 13 years+
  • MUZAFARABAD (Neelum River) : Very easy ride of 5Km, age recommended 13 years+
  • SWAT (Swat River): Very easy ride of 6Km, age recommended 13 years+



■ Team building skills ■ Leadership development ■ Staff potential a positive reinforcement ■ Focus Et motivational management ■ Conflict management

We offer away days (1 day activity), or customized programs (multiple days) according to your corporate needs. This could include setting personal or group goals, and relating practical activities to theories of leadership. An activity day can be split up to include team meetings, fully personalizing your schedule. We offer an exciting range of outdoor activities for a fun a productive day out with your colleagues. We offer a perfect environment for corporate team building events, with the aim to increase staff motivation phenomenally!